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Use of charcoal

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Use of charcoal

Of which produce charcoal?

Of all types of wood and waste processing. For quality coal used solid wood species (birch, oak, beech, ash, hornbeam, acacia and others).

Charcoal is derived from environmentally friendly raw materials and wood waste processing.

Charcoal meets state standards. In turn, this standard is divided by grades (A, B) and grades (1,2,3).

Where applicable charcoal?

As a fuel for fireplaces, barbecues

etc. devices, as opposed to conventional fuels (eg wood), charcoal practically do not cause smoke and flames, right firing. Charcoal gives necessary temperature - heat. And to prepare various dishes do not need to wait until the wood burn out - charcoal is ready fuel.

Charcoal in particular is perfect for cooking on the grill, grill, etc.

In industry :

Suitable charcoal -ferrous metal ( for example, for the production of aluminum , boron , etc.) in the manufacture of pure silicon , which is used for producing semiconductors , and in the chemical industry , and as fuel fireplace (overseas ), etc. In metallurgy , such as the reducing agent ( in charcoal a high content of carbon .) In the production of crystals , paints, electrodes , and plastics.

Upon receipt charcoal liquid byproducts produced in the form of wood tar ( tar) , which is obtained from turpentine, edible acetic acid , rosin , methyl alcohol, and alcohol solvents , etc. As a feed additive in animal husbandry ;

As insulation materials in construction , as charcoal is very hygroscopic and can absorb odors ;

For the production of powders and greases anticorrosive

Charcoal is used in instrument making and printing industry , where it is used for grinding and polishing of parts and molds . Most suitable for these purposes coal from softwood species . Timber (pine , poplar , etc. . ) Obtained by special technological regime. In engineering, in some cases, used solid lubricant , mainly graphite . Charcoal is due to the low content therein of ash and dirt can also be used for the production of said lubricant. To this sediment is mixed with the coal tar, is calcined at a temperature of 1400-1500 ° C and then treated with manganese- potassium acid , sulfuric acid or tannin .


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