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Walnut Kernel Ukraine

Company SMC “Biotec” is a manufacturer and exporter  of walnut kernel

We have our own processing capacity of walnut in Kiev and Chernivtsi regions. And so we can guarantee the consistent quality of products supplied.

The basis of our strategy is stability – in quality of products, production volumes, logistics, compliance with contractual terms and relationships with our customers.

In our  processing plant in we can produce 60 tons of finished products  per month.

We can supply walnut kernel for different needs:
1)Walnut kernel for food.
2)Walnut kernel for confectionery industry.
3)Walnut kernel for oil extraction.
Any options fractions: butterfly, mix from 20% to 80% of butterfly, ½ , ¼.

Every dispatch includes following certificates:  Euro 1; Phytosanitary Certificate;  Packing List; Original Analysis Certificate. 

  Walnut kernels commercial department: 

 E-mail:   Tel: 00380672557791

    walnut kernel 4 grade
    walnut kernel 4 grade
    • Walnut nuts color amber unsorted

    walnut kernel 3 grade
    walnut kernel 3 grade
    • light coloured nut eighths with small parts

    walnut kernel 2 grade
    walnut kernel 2 grade
    • light coloured nut quarters / quarters

    walnut kernel 1 grade
    walnut kernel 1 grade
    • Butterflies (halves)
    • Walnut butterfly divided into two approximately equal parts - the kernel halves
    • With 85% - 90% of all selected nuts are whole halves, the remaining 10% - kernel size not less than 2/3 of the halves
    • Typically, buyers want to buy walnut butterfly for direct consumption